encrypted private key

To order your sound wallet follow these steps.
1. Create an encrypted private key (keep your public key so you can send some coins to it)
2. Send us the key via our contact form
or Bitmessage: BM-2DAtX9DiFbAzr7B61AT3qSS6kZJHteqz9P
3. Donate to us after you get your Sound Wallet, for now support our crowd funding

How to get an encrypted private key

There are a few ways to get an encrypted private key.

A: One easy way is to go to Bitaddress and then save the whole webpage to your computer file-saveas-bitaddress.html

Once you have it on your computer -disconnect- from the internet.

Open the webpage that you saved in a browser

Go to the “paper wallet” tab

Click “Hide Art”  & “Bip38 encrypt”

Now create a super strong password for your private key, one that is long but that you can remember.

If you forget your password your coins are GONE, FOREVER! You could also do all this on a totaly offline computer to make it more secure.

Press generate and then copy the private key that is generated, you can see this in the picture (click for a larger version).

Then send that private key to us. We will never be able to get your coins because we dont know your password that is protecting the private key.

B: Use the bitcoin client qt to generate a private key

click for larger image

First you are going to need to encrypt your wallet, and make a really hard password that you will never forget.

Generate a public address and copy it

Go to the debug windoand type dumpprivkey ppidpinvpivnsdYOURADDRESSgoeshereipdnpnvpinvd

Then you will see the private key! Copy it and send it to us.



But how do I get my coins ?!

in the QT just go back to the debug window and type importprivkey yourprivatekeygoeshere

Then you will be asked for your password. You can also use blockchain.info or other wallets to import a private key.

Now order a sound wallet!