Every week on Sunday Sound Wallet will create a sound wallet / puzzle giveaway. The best way to find out about when the giveaway has started is to follow us on twitter

Sound Wallet also works with Altcoins. If you would like us to do a giveaway in your coin then donate below. The coin with the most donations will in the giveaway the rest will be donated to sound wallet.

Vote for the next giveaway on Sunday Sept 21st 2014

blackcoin soundwallet
Black Coin: BDiyxthySkVLkW6gP6yhnqJatgYHd1NxWm
darkcoin sound wallet
Dark Coin: XcayTxfFoT8Kf9w6hh69gwzA1Sf4NsgzyY
feathercoin sound wallet
Feather Coin: 6evqUk2HHo7BVr9yDfRpKjvSLSbxLUnce6
dogecoin sound wallet
Doge Coin: DGQ3mmXHciyKTwYNxtrsrQAbc6uND44K5b

IF you would like another coin listed then get in touch!

Here is an example of a past giveaway using bitcoin, the location of the video was hidden in another video.